Recreation Program Overview

UpdatedTuesday February 22, 2022 byBSC.

Recreation is Bethlehem Soccer Club’s oldest soccer program.  This program has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1979 with only a handful of young players being introduced to soccer.

Recreation runs two separate eight-week seasons. The fall program, during September and October attracts over 600 children, while the spring season, during the months of April, May and June has over 500 players. Registration for the fall season usually occurs during July (August, Late Registration), while spring registration takes place during winter months. Please check the web site and watch for advertisements and school newsletters as the dates near.  

Recreation is a non-results oriented soccer league. Scores are not maintained, nor are standings kept. This is consistent with guidelines set up by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) for ages 10 and under. The non-results model is used for the older ages as well. Every Saturday morning brings a clean slate, and new challenges. If your player and you are looking for a more competitive environment, Bethlehem Soccer Club also has many teams involved in ‘Travel’ soccer which is run through the Capital District Youth Soccer League (CDYSL).

Divisions and teams are set based on grades, beginning at the PreK level and toping out with the 8th grade age group. To determine if your child is eligible to play in the youngest division, Pre-Kindergarten (PK), they must be eligible to start Kindergarten in the following fall.  PK, K and 1st grade divisions are co-ed and are played using small sided games (micro soccer) and without goalkeepers. From 2nd grade and older, teams are formed based on enrollment.  All-Girls divisions are offered (when enrollment allows) from 2nd grade and older. The number of players on the field is based on number of players, number of volunteer coaches and field availability. BSC tries to follow USSF guidelines as close as possible for each age group. BSC often will combine grades when making these divisions.

All recreation coaches are volunteers. Their skills and knowledge of the game can vary greatly. Some played competitively in high school and college while others may have no idea what a corner kick is. Without them, this program would not be possible. Skill development is not the most emphasized point of this league. Having a good time is. Annually the club offers training courses for new/novice coaches to help them teach skills to their players while doing it in a fun atmosphere. Please consider volunteering as a coach – it really isn’t that hard at this level!  We are always looking for people with a skill, talent or hard work that will help improve the club. Let us know.

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